Table of Contents

Integrated Virus Detection

Chapter 1 Detection of Whole Viruses

Historical Background

The Need for a new Detection System

Statement of the Problem

Historic Methods

The Historical IVDS

Developmental Risk

 “It Works” The EUREKA Moment

Flow chart for virus detection

Summary of the IVDS invention

Operational Description of the IVDS-Beta

Early Virus Detection Examples


Chapter 2 Instrumentation

Description of IVDS components

  The Purifier/Concentrator

   Electrospray Injection

   Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA)

   Condensation Particles Counter




Capillary diameter effect and IVDS stability

Stability of IVDS Electrospray


Chapter 3 Proof Concept using MS2

Physical basis of invention

Different sized viruses

MS2 as a test virus

Characterization of MS2 using IVDS

   Removing complex growth media

   Results of MS2 plus Growth Media

   Results of MS2 plus Albumin

   Results of MS2 plus Cesium Chloride

Analysis of Purification of MS2

Filtration Characteristics of MS2 Bacteriophage


Chapter 4 Concentration of viruses

Concentrator Device


Chapter 5 Cause and Effect Curves

Effects of Temperature on MS2 Survival

Dose Response Curves for MS2/High pH

Low pH Dose Response Curves


Chapter 6 Isolating Single Viruses from Multi virus mixtures


Chapter 7 Analyzing Different Viruses

GD7 Virus

Kilham Rat Virus

MAD-K87 Adenovirus

Murine hepatitis virus (MHV) or Coronaviridae

MVM Parvovirus virus

Reo-3 Reovirus

Sendai Rodent Virus

Analysis of complex media

Detection of viruses in drinking water

Recovery of MS-2 from “spiked” blood plasma

Analysis of marine water

Analysis of saliva

Analysis of environmental air samples

Water sample analysis

Chlorinated Water Samples

Standard Reverse Osmosis Samples

Natural Water Samples

Recovery of viruses from surfaces

Detection of Viruses in Bark Beetles


Chapter 8 Detection of other nanoparticles


Chapter 9 Detecting Pili from Bacteria


Chapter 10 Detecting viruses in Honeybees

Detection of viruses from a single honeybee

Rosetta Stone Project

Honeybee Nutrition Study

Essential Oils Study

Virus Relationship to Stress

Snapshot of the seasonal viral load in honeybees


Chapter 11 Using IVDS for evaluating decontamination methods


Chapter 12 Current and Future Trends

Potential applications of the IVDS

New Instrument-RapidDx







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