Identifying Microbes by Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

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Integrated Virus Detection

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This book is written for everyone with a need to detect viruses.  Detecting any virus, particularly since most are unknown, is an important  capability and urgent requirement in times of pandemic - particularly a pandemic by an unfamiliar virus.  After reading this book the reader will know that a means is available for the rapid detection of viruses.   Many examples are provided that illustrate this capability.


Many viruses can be detected at the same time using the Integrated Virus Detection System (IVDS).  Integrated Virus Detection describes this technology including a chapter on unpublished viruses found in honeybees with examples of seasonal and yearly variation.  This straightforward technology can be used to detect unknown and unsequenced viruses collected from environmental and other complex biological sources.


This book further summarizes more than 10 US Patents that have been issued for the invention of IVDS, which is the common name of the electrospray – differential mobility analyzer (ES-DMA) method.  IVDS is powering a revolution in mankind’s ability to rapidly detect, measure, and monitor viruses and virus-like-particles (VLPs).  Three facts make this possible:  (1) Viruses are in the size range 20 - 800 nm. (2) There is sufficient disparity in each virus species’ particle size such that size data may be used for detection and preliminary identification and  (3) Virus particle density is distinct from other nanoparticles.


The absence of virion-particles is compelling evidence of a true-negative which is useful in verifying decontamination and other processes.  Large numbers of samples may be processed in an automated fashion, providing an excellent means to pre-screen samples for judicious targeting of subsequent tests such as PCR or the universal method for identifying microbes - Mass Spectrometry Proteomics*.


The book is especially useful to everyone interested in virus detection, especially in situations where many viral types may coexist.


IVDS can be stored and used when needed as there are no reagents that expire.



* Wick, C.H. (ed), Identifying Microbes by Mass Spectrometry Proteomics, CRC Press 2014

Integrated Virus Detection

Published: November 12, 2014  by CRC Press

Content:  256 Pages |  184 Illustrations

Author:  Charles H. Wick

Integrated Virus Detection

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